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• When should Oracle users be audited? All privileges that can be granted to a user or role within the database can be audited. • How can Oracle users be audited? • What are the performance and complexity issues? There are a number of basic issues that should be considered when contemplating using Oracle’s auditing features. Because auditing Oracle is such a huge subject, doing all of it justice would take an entire book, so this paper will cover the basics of why, when and how to conduct an audit. One problem with this web page is that since it is popular a single agent can flood the entire first 1-2 pages with his advertisements and makes it difficult to search the page. At action level a single record is created per action and at session level one record is created for all audit actions per session. Every time an action performed is auditable a record is written to the database; clearly the more audit is used, the more records will be written to the system tablespace purely for audit. Town car services are also more reliable.

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The task of auditing an Oracle database does not have to be limited only to the audit commands; other techniques can be employed as well. Oracle’s RDBMS is a functionally rich product and there are a number of auditing alternatives available to the reader. This article will introduce the reader to the basics of auditing an Oracle database. This way, your intuition will be reflected in the recruitment, but alongside other important factors as well. It won’t be easy but it will be well worth it. One good example is the alert log used by the database to record start-up and shutdown as well as any structural changes such as adding a datafile to the database. The ideal minimum is to capture user access, use of system privileges and changes to the database schema structure. This basic set will not show attempted access to specific data that shouldn’t be accessed; however, it will give a reasonably simple overview of “incorrect” access and use of privileges.

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